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whether you’re new to the beautiful art of tattoo, or a seasoned veteran, we have an offering that’s just right.

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Design Consultation

A side-by-side, collaborative session with your artist in our in-house Design Lab. You will have ample opportunity to brainstorm and visualize the tattoo ideas you want. Recommended for complex tattoos and for those who need a little extra design guidance.

Custom Design Creation: $175.00 per hour


Ink Allergy Skin Test

Worried about how your skin may react to the ink? Don't be! Come in for our simple test to put you at ease. Our artists test drops of your selected ink colors to see how your skin will react. No needles will be used. You can then move forward with the tattoo appointment whenever you are ready. Please note this test is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any condition. Please consult your healthcare provider for personalized medical advice.

Allergy Skin Test: $25.00

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Temporary Tattoo

Not sure how a tattoo may look on you? Like to switch it up? Test out a design with our temporary inks, which last for 2-3 weeks. No needles will be used.

Temporary Tattoo: $50.00

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inq Signature Tattoo

Celebrate or commemorate a special person, event, or part of your life story. We use only premium vegan ink and single-use components in a relaxing and safe environment, so you’ll know you are getting the best experience possible.

inq Signature Tattoo: $175.00 per hour